We provide high-quality custom tailored suits for men and women. 

Custom wear for weddings, the office, proms, ballroom dancing, dance festivals, and more.

Our Process and What to Expect

Pick Your Fabrics

Choose from a large selection of fabrics.  Basic colors are always available.  Some patterns are seasonal.  New patterns are available every few weeks.

Design Your Suit

Choose the details of your suit: type of lapel; number of buttons; pockets; inside lining; etc. 

Are you feeling stuck on how to design your suit? No problem! Our team members are here to provide expertise in suit design, so you can enjoy wearing a suit that complements you. 

By the way, at no extra cost, we always embroider your name on the inside of your suit jacket. 

We believe every person should feel a sense of pride and ownership when wearing their suit!

Get Measured

Fill out our client measurements form with your measurements. 

We'll keep your measurements on file for future orders.  However, we recommend re-taking your measurements every 6 months or if you have any body weight changes.

Is this your first time getting measured? Don't worry!  Contact us, and we will guide you on how to have a friend or family member take your measurements.

As an alternative, swing by a tailor or dry cleaner in your local area for assistance.

If you are local to one of our team members, we can measure you.

Invoice & Payment

After you pick your fabrics, choose your suit design, and send in your measurements, we'll collect payment from you and send you an invoice with the breakdown of your order. 

Since our custom suits are made to your measurements, we collect full payment upfront and are unable to provide refunds.  All sales are final.


Within a week of receiving your order, we will begin constructing your custom suit. 

We understand that you may want to modify your order in some capacity, and we will make every effort to accommodate reasonable requests, depending on how far along we are in constructing your suit. 

Also, during this time, we may reach out to you via phone or email if we have any further questions about your order.

Turnaround Time

After production begins, you can expect to receive your suit within 3 to 6 weeks. 

It is rare for it to take 6 weeks for you to receive your custom suit.  However, this can happen during the times we receive a high volume of orders. 

We will keep you updated along the way. 

We can expedite the production and delivery of your custom suit for a fee.

Try on Your Custom Suit

Once you receive your custom suit, try it on and see how it fits!

If something isn't right, let us know.  We'll cover alterations to guarantee a perfect fit.

Contact Us

Email: info@besouqsuits.com

Phone: +1 (916) 913-7299

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